Sunday, November 14, 2010

Special 'Friend of the Band' BB7 Ticket Price(票價優惠資訊)

The BSoT is offering a special 'Friend of the Band' ticket price to Blues fans.
Contact a member of a band playing the BB7 to get a ticket to the BB7 concerts on Nov 19 or 20 for the special price of NT$350!
That's a savings of NT$100 off the already low price of the advance ticket price of NT$450.
Tell your band buddy to contact Cherry at Infine-Arts. +(886) 2 27 29 22 97
Your tickets will be held in 'Will Call' at the door of the Dream Community Theater of the Blues Bash 7.
You can pick them up there. Act now!
These specially priced tickets are a limited offer in limited number.

"Friend of the Band"優惠專案!!
台灣藍調協會特別為藍調樂迷呈獻“Friend of the Band"優惠專案,同為藍調同好或是樂手的你,
快點連絡您那些將於11月19,20號在BB7表演的好麻吉們吧!!請他們連絡在上苑文化的Cherry -- 電話:(02)2729-2297,來為您訂票,藉由此動作將會為您爭取到,比早鳥票450元還低的350元票價!!是的!!沒錯!!請相信你的眼睛,您足足省了100元呢!!


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