Sunday, February 6, 2011
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2011 IBC winners

[Memphis, Tenn.] The Blues Foundation's 27th International Blues Challenge ended on Saturday February 5th, 2011 with two packed shows at the Orpheum Theatre. Out of 220 acts from 40 states and 13 countries that competed for top honors throughout the weekend only two can be called winner in the solo/duo and band competition.

For the second consecutive year a non-American act won the solo/duo category thus solidifying the global scope of the event. The solo/duo winner was Germany's Georg Schroeter & Marc Breitfelder, sponsored by the Baltic Blues Society in Eutin, Germany. The second place honors went to Canadian Harrison Kennedy from the Canal Bank Shuffle in Thorold, Ontario, Canada.

For the first time in event history, the top prize in the band competition goes to a former solo/duo category winner. 2008 IBC solo/duo winner Lionel Young returned with The Lionel Young Band to win on behalf of the Colorado Blues Society. Second place honors were earned by Mary Bridget Davies of the Kansas City Blues Society, and the third spot went to Rob Blaine's Big Otis Blues hailing from the Windy City Blues Society.

Another event first was the bestowing of IBC's Best Harmonica Player. Yet another international participant, Stephane Bertolino from the French band AWEK, won for Blues Sur Seine.

The Best Guitarist Award was given to Rob Blaine of Rob Blaine's Big Otis Blues. He walks away with beautiful blue custom Gibson guitar featuring The Blues Foundation's logo and a Category 5 amp.

In the Best Self-Produced CD contest, the judges crowned 'Get Inside This House'by Joe McMurrian of the Cascade Blues Association in Portland, OR.

The finalists in the solo/duo category were: Back Porch Stomp -(Washington Blues Society, WA), Izzy & Chris (West Virginia Blues Society), The Juke Joint Devils (Massachusetts Blues Society), The Mighty Orq (Houston Blues Society, TX), Big Jim Adam & John Stilwagen (Colorado Blues Society) and JT Blues (Billtown Blues Association, PA).

The finalists in the band competition were: Randy Oxford Band (South Sound Blues Association, WA), Stevie J & the Blues Eruption (Central Mississippi Blues Society, MS), Grand Marquis (Topeka Blues Society, KS), Alex Wilson (Grafton Blues Association, WI), The Sugar Prophets (Illinois Central Blues Club),

Blues societies all over the world will soon be starting all over again as they begin their own competitions to determine who they will send to the 28th International Blues Challenge, the finals of which will be staged January 31 - February 4
, 2012.

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kaohsiung Blues Fest, 2010 - Images | Thomas Koenig Photography

Kaohsiung Blues Fest, 2010 - Images | Thomas Koenig Photography

The first KAOHSIUNG BLUES FEST took place outside the local Dream Mall over a weekend of the 10th and 11th of December, 2010.

Local band RELOAD opened up the show with some timeless classics and their own original material before the BLURRS BROTHERS from Taipei took the stage.

Then local 'Blues Man' JACK CONQUEROO impressed the crowd with his unique delta blues style.

Up next, BRADLEY TINDALL of the 'Rising Hedons' rocked the audience with an energetic stage act and some great tunes.

And finally, BO PO MO FO, a Taipei-based blues band, came on stage to spread appreciation for blues music to the Sunday shoppers at the mall.

In an act that culminated in a great finale with JACK CONQUEROO, they wooed the local crowd with some great blues classics and a selection of their own songs, which left the audience craving more after the final chords had been played.

A rockin' good night!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Special 'Friend of the Band' BB7 Ticket Price(票價優惠資訊)

The BSoT is offering a special 'Friend of the Band' ticket price to Blues fans.
Contact a member of a band playing the BB7 to get a ticket to the BB7 concerts on Nov 19 or 20 for the special price of NT$350!
That's a savings of NT$100 off the already low price of the advance ticket price of NT$450.
Tell your band buddy to contact Cherry at Infine-Arts. +(886) 2 27 29 22 97
Your tickets will be held in 'Will Call' at the door of the Dream Community Theater of the Blues Bash 7.
You can pick them up there. Act now!
These specially priced tickets are a limited offer in limited number.

"Friend of the Band"優惠專案!!
台灣藍調協會特別為藍調樂迷呈獻“Friend of the Band"優惠專案,同為藍調同好或是樂手的你,
快點連絡您那些將於11月19,20號在BB7表演的好麻吉們吧!!請他們連絡在上苑文化的Cherry -- 電話:(02)2729-2297,來為您訂票,藉由此動作將會為您爭取到,比早鳥票450元還低的350元票價!!是的!!沒錯!!請相信你的眼睛,您足足省了100元呢!!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Blues Bash artist Mick Kilgos --FREE drum clinic

On Sunday, Nov 21st, Blues Bash artist Mick Kilgos will lead a drum clinic at Tun Huang Music from 3 to 5pm.
The focus will be on Blues, R&B and Soul drumming styles and techniques. The clinic is free.

Tun Huang Music. Address: Chien Guo North rd, section 2, #1, 1F (02)2508-0066
敦煌樂器有限公司 台北市建國北路二段1號 (02)2508-0066
website is

Here's a short bio for Mick:

"Mick Kilgos is a veteran of the legendary ‘Chitlin’ Circuit’ where he honed his chops as a Blues and R&B drummer and learned to ‘lay back in the pocket and groove’ in front of some of the most demanding audiences on the planet. Born and raised just south of Chicago, he’s played all over the USA; recording in Nashville, LA and South Florida. Mick now makes the Bay Area his home, playing with the finest visiting Blues artists such as Rick Estrin, Garth Hudson, Tracey Nelson, Mitch Woods and Roger ‘Hurricane’ Wilson to name a few. "

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Performance schedule(表演日期與時刻表)

Blues Bash 7
Dream Theater Concerts
The Dream Community, Xizi
November 19, 2010

Dream Theater - Friday(PM)

7:30- Ken Machida
8:20– Teddy Kumpel
9:10– Nacomi
10:00– Gary ‘Shrimp City Slim’ Erwin
10:50– Ken ‘the Snowman’ Minahan (featuring Mick Kilgos)

Blues Bash 7 Sat, Nov 20th
Free Outdoor Blues Community Concerts

Mark Twain Stage

2:00 – Welcome statements
2:05– Taiwan Sugar Company
2:55 – Kenyatta Quartet
3:45– Mike Mudd & Silence
4:35– Brad Tindall
5:25– BoPoMoFo

Monkey Bus Stage

2:30– The Blues Boys & Cooky
3:20– Blues Vibrations
4:10– Celluloid
5:00– Jack Conqueroo
5:50- Muddy Basin Ramblers

5:50 ~ 6:00 Blues Dream Parade

Blues Bash 7
Dream Theater Concerts
The Dream Community, Xizi
November 20, 2010

Dream Theater - Saturday(PM)

6:30– Ken Machida
7:10– Teddy Kumpel
7:55– Nacomi
8:45– Gary ‘Shrimp City Slim’ Erwin
9:35– Ken ‘the Snowman’ Minahan (featuring Mick Kilgos)
10:25~11:10 – Jam session

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Direction-Dream Community

Address:National Taipei County No. 95 Second Street
Family car suggestions:

1.Freeway No. 1(Sun Yat-sen Freeway) take the exit to Sijhih interchange → turn right onto Datong Road, Sec 2 → turn right onto Xi Wan Road, Sec 1 → turn right Corning Street → turn right at Lake St → Dream Community → arrival Coffee Tree Plaza parking lot.

2.Free way No. 3(Formosa Freeway) take the exit to Sijhih/Nangang interchange, take the Nangang exit → turn left Xin Tai Wu Road → turn right Datong Road Sec 1 → turn left Zhongxing Road → turn right Corning Street → turn left at Lake St → Dream Community → arrival Coffee Tree Plaza parking lot.

Train / MRT / Bus group recommends that:

1.MRT Station Kunyang → Bus Blue 36 → take the bus to the North Peak station in Sijhih → walk about 5 minutes to the Dream Community.

2.MRT Station Kunyang → Bus 817 → take the bus to Jinlong Lee station or Jinlong elementary school station → walk about 3 minutes to the Dream Community.

3.MRT Station Kunyang → Bus Red 2 → take the bus to the North Peak station in Sijhih → walk about 5 minutes to the Dream Community.

4.Sijhih Station → Bus 629 → take the bus to Jinlong elementary school station → walk about 5 minutes to the Dream Community.

5. other bus thorough North Peak Station: 247,267,51,311.

Taxi group recommends that:

In addition to address details, the proposal to inform the taxi driver the following message:

The crossroad of Corning Street and Lake St in Sijhih.




1. 中山高,下【汐止】交流道出口,右轉【大同路二段】→右轉【汐萬路一段】→ 右轉【康寧街】→ 右轉【湖前街】→抵達【夢想社區】-咖啡樹廣場停車場

2.中山高,下【汐止】交流道汐萬路出口,右轉【汐萬路一段】→ 右轉【康寧街】→ 右轉【湖前街】→抵達【夢想社區】-咖啡樹廣場停車場
3. 北二高,下【汐止‧南港】交流道出口,走【南港】出口,左轉【新台五路】→ 右轉【大同路一段】→左轉【中興路】→右轉【康寧街】→左轉【湖前街】→ 抵達【夢想社區】-咖啡樹廣場停車場


1. 捷運【昆陽】站下車,轉搭【藍36】公車,至汐止【北峰里】站下車,步行約5分 鐘至夢想社區
2. 捷運【昆陽】站下車,轉搭【817】公車,至汐止【金龍里】或【金龍國小】站下車, 步行約3分鐘至夢想社區
3. 捷運【圓山】站下車,轉搭【紅2】公車,至汐止【北峰里】站下車,步行約5分鐘至 夢想社區
4. 【汐止火車站】下車,轉搭【629】公車,至汐止【金龍國小】站下車,步行約5分鐘 至夢想社區
5. 其他行經【北峰里】站公車:247、267、51、311