Saturday, November 13, 2010

Blues Bash artist Mick Kilgos --FREE drum clinic

On Sunday, Nov 21st, Blues Bash artist Mick Kilgos will lead a drum clinic at Tun Huang Music from 3 to 5pm.
The focus will be on Blues, R&B and Soul drumming styles and techniques. The clinic is free.

Tun Huang Music. Address: Chien Guo North rd, section 2, #1, 1F (02)2508-0066
敦煌樂器有限公司 台北市建國北路二段1號 (02)2508-0066
website is

Here's a short bio for Mick:

"Mick Kilgos is a veteran of the legendary ‘Chitlin’ Circuit’ where he honed his chops as a Blues and R&B drummer and learned to ‘lay back in the pocket and groove’ in front of some of the most demanding audiences on the planet. Born and raised just south of Chicago, he’s played all over the USA; recording in Nashville, LA and South Florida. Mick now makes the Bay Area his home, playing with the finest visiting Blues artists such as Rick Estrin, Garth Hudson, Tracey Nelson, Mitch Woods and Roger ‘Hurricane’ Wilson to name a few. "

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